Southsea Pier

Southsea is a seaside resort located within a mile of Portsmouth's city centre. In 1544 Henry VIII built the fort which became known as Southsea Castle. Although it would not have been called "Southsea" that far back, it is written as "Southsea Castle" in a map of 1724. Southsea has two piers, South Parade Pier on Southsea Seafront has been a huge attraction for visitors since the Victorian era. An architectural focus point along the beach with an angling platform for fishing, stunning views out to sea  including across to the Isle of Wight and regular live shows, the pier is a performance venue and also available for hire.

Southsea Seafront

Southsea Castle

Spithead Forts

Playing an important part in naval history, Southsea is also home to the Spithead forts visible from the shoreline and also many museums including the Royal Marines Museum and the D-Day Museum. In 1994 a drumhead service was held on Southsea Common in front of the War Memorial to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day. The service was attended by all the heads of the states which had participated in the allied landings.

Southsea Common

Southsea Common is a stretch of flat grassland opposite the seafront that runs from Clarence Pier to Southsea Castle. The Common is a popular recreation ground, perfect for a picnic and also host to lots of yearly events, including the Southsea Show, the stunning International Kite Festival, Para Spectacular, The Military Vehicle Show, and a variety of circuses, two of which include the Moscow State Circus and Chinese State Circus.

 International Kite Festival

The Hovercraft at Southsea

The Hovertravel Hovercraft

A trip to Southsea would not be complete without a look at the Hovercraft splashing out to sea, why not take a trip across to the Isle of Wight! Hovertravel is the world's longest running and only commercial hovercraft operator in Europe. The passenger ferry service takes you directly to Ryde or back to the shore at Southsea in just 10 minutes.

Clarence Pier and Funfair

Located by the Hovercraft terminal are the amusements, arcades and funfair of Clarence Pier. Unlike most piers in the UK, the pier does not go very far out to sea but runs alongside the coastline. The original Clarence Pier was built in 1861 but on 1st June 1941 the Pier was bombed during one of the heaviest air raids on Portsmouth of World War Two, it re-opened the way it looks today 20 years later on 1st June 1961. A Traditional funfair is open throughout the summer months and the Arcades and Pirate Pete's Indoor Adventure Playground are open all year.
Don't like the hustle and bustle? then situated just around the corner is the tranquil Canoe lake with pedal boats available for hire. Also available for the children is a large playpark with lots of equipment and a sandpit.

Southsea Funfair

Southsea Canoe Lake

Southsea Attractions include:

Blue Reef Aquarium

 Canoe Lake

 Portsmouth City Museum

 Clarence Pier Amusements

 The D-Day Museum


The Blue Reef

 Canoe Lake

 Portsmouth City

 Clarence Pier

 D-Day Museum









The Royal Marines

 South Parade

 Southsea Castle

 Southsea Golf

 Southsea Model

 Southsea Skate

 The Pyramids