Fratton is situated in the centre of Portsmouth. Home to Fratton Park, Portsmouth football club's ground and also home to one of the four railway stations.
When Saxons landed on Portsea Island in the 6th century they built a settlement on the middle of the island. It was called Frodda ing tun, which means the tun (farm or village) belonging to Frodda.
The name changed over time with many names such as Froddington, Frodintone, Frodtone and Frotton. Fratton was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 and was referred to as Frodintone, it was a small village of around 100 people. The Froddington Arms  pub  that is there  today is the latest of many pubs that have stood on the site.



St Mary's Church is the oldest church site on Portsmouth island, the current church was built in the 1880’s but the first recorded mention of a church dedicated to St Mary in Fratton was in 1170 but recent archaeological investigations have unearthed foundations beneath the church that almost certainly date from Saxon times.